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Premium RSS Feeds provide Megaphone publishers with an additional and more predictable source of revenue. Publishers can easily accomplish this via one central place to manage all feeds (main or premium) while awarding their most loyal listeners. Moreover, listeners can easily subscribe to listen to their favorite content without ads (future premium versions include bonus episodes and content) and without the need to download any new apps.

Publishers can materialize these benefits by completing the following five steps.

Step #1: Enable Premium Feeds and Setup your Network Name

Sign in as an Org Admin and navigate to the "Feeds" Tab in Org Settings and Turn premium Feeds to “Yes”

Note: Only Org Admins have the administrative privileges to enable and create premium feeds.

Select Supporting Cast as the Premium RSS Feed Provider and whichever network name URL your listeners would see when they click to sign-up from the show notes. For example, or

You can also select “Other” if you choose to use another provider (e.g. Patreon) or would like to have the Premium RSS Feed attached to your own website.

Select Save and receive a confirmation message that Network Name has successfully been created in Supporting Cast

You will get an email from Supporting Cast with the title that starts with “You are now an administrator of…” Be sure to save this email for Step #4.

Step #2: Create the Premium Feed

Navigate to Megaphone's podcast library, and select into the Podcast that you would like to have the premium feed created for. From here, you'll need to select the "Feeds" option next to the podcast cover art.

Open the dropdown and select Premium Feeds. By default, it will have the title “Premium Ad-Free:” inserted in front, but you can edit the feed name as you see fit.

Once save is selected you will receive a confirmation that the Ad Free Premium Feed has been created. This feed URL can easily be copied to your clipboard by selecting the ellipsis.

Step #3: Submit Premium Feed to Supporting Cast

Click on the ellipsis next to the premium ad-free feed in the Podcast Feeds Module to navigate to the “Edit Premium Feed” information tab. You can also navigate to the premium feed tab by selecting “Edit Podcast” on the main Podcast page.

When you arrive to this page, navigate to the bottom and switch the “Submit to Supporting Cast” button to “Yes” and select Save in the upper right hand corner.

Once submitted, you will then also receive an email confirming this submission.

Step #4: Setup Plan Pricing and Link Stripe Account in Supporting Cast

Check your email from Supporting Cast and select “View My Dashboard”.

Refer to this step by step guide for more detailed instructions, but see below for the quick version of what you need to do:

  1. Create a Stripe Account if you do not have one already. Here you will also set the pricing for your plan.

2. Select your Stripe account to receive your payments and attach Apple pay

3. Edit Plan and check the podcasts you want on your plan.

4. Finish off by setting the styling for the webpage listeners will see when they click to subscribe.

Step #5: Automatically Add Join Links to Your Show Notes

Navigate to the Premium Feed tab and locate the Join Link Settings. The Join URL will be defaulted to your network page, setup by Supporting Cast for listeners to signup, but this field can be edited to your choosing.

Flip the Add Join Link option from “No” to “Yes” and now your join link messaging will be attached to your Main RSS Feed!

Congrats, you’re done! Continue to build your community with premium feeds by having your hosts mention the premium offering and if you encounter any trouble, please connect with support by either using the chat widget or

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