What's New?

Reporting Additions:

  • Inventory Sell Through Report: We are so excited to unveil our upgraded inventory sell through report to all organizations within Megaphone! Breaks out available vs sold impressions for each ad location within your organization.

  • Apple Watch Filtering: Per requirements by the IAB, Megaphone is now filtering out duplicative downloads coming from the Apple Watch. Your listener experience will not be impacted and can still listen on their Apple Watch. For more information about these guidelines and change, please see the IAB Podcast Measurement Technical Guide v2 here.

API Additions:

  • targetedSegments: Added targetedSegments array on campaign order endpoint for segment targeting within orders.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Updated Pickers: Gone are the days of scrolling through dozens of podcast artworks to select episodes when targeting orders or promos. In addition, we updated other pickers on the users page for cleaner behavior.

  • Megalink Update: With the deprecating of Google Play announced earlier this year, we have updated Megalink behavior on Android to automatically direct users to a podcast page on Google Podcasts.

  • Security Update: We've added reCAPTCHAs to all login pages to create a more secure platform experience for users.

  • Bulk Edit Fix: Fixed a bug where using the bulk edit function changed the flight date for orders.

  • Improved Campaigns Load: Released an enhancement that helps the campaigns tab to load quicker.

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