Note: This report only shows inventory targeting direct sold ads. It does not take into account promo and Spotify Audience Network orders. This will be added in subsequent release as a fast follower.

The "Inventory Sell Through Report" is accessible by clicking on the "Inventory" tab within Megaphone. Once on the "Inventory" page, select the "Podcast Sell Through" tab from the top ribbon menu. This report is a great way to further track the performance of your podcasts' inventory and the following is a breakdown of how to utilize it.

Total Impressions

Depending upon the podcast that you have selected, Megaphone will detail the total availability of impressions across the entire catalog of podcasts, regardless of whether or not inventory/draft episodes have been planned. This data is calculated based upon the historical performance of the podcast.

Sold & Delivered

The "Sold & Delivered" column details those impressions that have been delivered and filled by either campaigns that have been successfully targeted at the podcast. In order for an impression to be delivered and filled a listener must listen to 100% of the advertisement audio file.

Sold & Not Delivered

The "Sold & Not Delivered" impressions are those impressions that were meant to be delivered, but were not. This typically takes place when a listener skips through the ad or does not download the entire ad audio file.

Available Impressions

"Available Impressions" are those that were not claimed by any campaigns. Many publishers will utilize the Spotify Audience Network in order to fill this inventory that is left available. For more information on the Spotify Audience Network, please see this article.

Sell Through Rate

The "Sell Through Rate" details the success your podcast had in delivering those impressions that were sold. This success rate is broken down by ad location and position, but the very top line will detail the success for all ad locations.

As always, if you run into any trouble running this report please reach out to Support either via the chat widget or at

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