What's New?

In-app Category Exclusions:

  • Podcasts opted into the Megaphone Targeted Marketplace (MTM) can now setup category exclusions directly inside the Megaphone platform to prevent the ability categories of advertisers from running in episodes.

  • As part of this work, Megaphone now requires at least one subcategory selection on new advertiser creations.

API Additions:

  • Frequency Caps: Added frequencyCaps on Campaign Order endpoint

  • updated-since Param: Added updated_since query param to all collections for scoping responses to those that have been updated since the date provided. Endpoints include Network Collection, Campaign Collection, Campaign Orders Collection, Promo Orders Collection, Campaign Order Advertisements Collection, Promo Order Advertisements Collection, Agencies Collection and Advertisers Collection.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • New third-party tracking URL macro, %%podcastid%%, passes the unique ID of the podcast where an impression is being recorded.

  • Beta metrics API is live and being tested by interested customers. Customers may make GET requests on impressions or metrics for the previous complete day of data.

  • 30 day download enhancement to episode download reports.

  • Bug fix to prevent errors on Megaphone account invites that include emails containing capital letters.

  • Bug fix to include tracking prefix URLs on downloads coming from Megaphone embeddable players.

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