The total impressions chart is a dynamic line graph that compares the total impressions defined in the selected date range, to the previous reporting periods' metrics. For example if you set the date range to be the last 30 days of activity, you will notice two lines graphs auto populate. The line graph in blue will depict the current period, whereas the purple line graph will depict the previous years metrics. This chart is particularly useful to Ad Ops Managers who would like to see the peaks and valleys of all impressions over a range of time. You can also hover over points of interest along the line graph to display useful information such as the date and the number of impressions.

To access this report you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the reporting tab. Once on that page you will be greeted with your reporting dashboard.

  2. Choose "Impressions" located in the top left area of the dashboard.

  3. Select the desired date range and network filter by adjusting the values in the top right.

4. The chart will auto populate the graph with the selected dimensions.

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