What's New?

IABv2 Certification:

Megaphone is officially IABv2 certified! Though Megaphone has been compliant since early 2018, this certification marks a massive step towards ensuring the downloads and impressions in Megaphone are not only accurate, but hold up against the highest industry standards. We are working on formal rollout plans throughout the summer of 2020.

API Additions:

  • API Security Update: Added additional validation around deleted users and token management.

  • Episode/Search Endpoint Updates: Added episodeLink to episode endpoint.

Order Targeting Features:

  • Tracking URLs on Promos: Expanded Tracking URL service to Promos for measurement of marketing and cross-promotional purposes.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Campaign Setup Bug: Corrected a bug that prevented advertisers from appearing on the "Create Campaign" page as well as enabled agency permissions to all orgs.

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