Third Party Tracking is an advanced option you can set up on an individual order in Megaphone. Often these are called Tracking Pixels, Tracking URLs or Tracking Tags and come from third party ad management tools to monitor the delivery of a campaign. 

Megaphone allows for tracking on individual orders (line) items with a 1x1 pixel (more specs here). While any pixel can be fired, we have made it a priority to begin vetting partners for compatibility in the podcast space. If a partner you wish to work with is not on the list, please reach out to support to begin the review process.

Compatible Tracking Partners:

  • DCM

  • Barometric

  • Chartable

  • Podsight

  • Nielsen

  • Lucid

  • Sizmek

  • Dynata

  • Adform

  • Revjet

  • Artsai

  • NinthDecimal

  • Placed

  • Kantar/Edison

  • Comscore

  • Crossix

For information on setting up these pixels, including macros, please see this article.

As always, if you would like any further assistance, please reach out to support via the live chat widget or at

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