The reporting tab will direct you to a wholistic dashboard that contains 5 main reports: Podcast Performance, Episode Performance, Technology Performance, Geolocation Performance, and Download Time of Day (heatmap).

These reports contain information on downloads only (they do not include impressions data) and can be toggled to show all your shows or only a select grouping of shows. We have an entire collection of help docs that you show the specifics of each report, but this article will cover how to filter the overall dashboard.

1. Filter Across All Podcasts or Specific Podcasts

The reporting view is scoped to show you access to shows in your assigned network or organization. In the top right corner, you will see a dropdown menu where you can filter the reporting dashboard to display data for all podcasts or only a select podcast.

Filtering for all will display Podcast Performance, Episode Performance, Technology Performance, Geolocation Performance and Download Time of Day information across all shows, whereas selecting a single show will display the information only for the selected podcast.

2. Select a Date Range

Next to the podcast filter, you can select a date range for the reports to display against.

Clicking on the selector will expand options to include quick ranges such as Today, Last 7 days, Year to date, and more. You can also create a custom range by clicking on the calendar view of days.

Once you've selected the desired date range, push the "Apply" button to filter the reporting dashboard for the selected date range. Note that if a show was not on Megaphone during a specific range, only available data will display.

For additional help docs regarding the specific reports, please click here to see our full collection.

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