The metrics export service populates an organization's S3 bucket with their metrics from Megaphone.

Please read this article in it's entirety as it contains important information related to schema and queries at the end. Click here for information about the impressions export service. 


Please reach out to our support team via Live Chat or by emailing to setup this service (typically takes 1-2 weeks). Data will only be pushed from the date of setup forward and does not include backfill. We recommend setting this up prior to going live on Megaphone.

Note that the impressions export service is included with the metrics export setup. 

File delivery

Once per hour, Megaphone will write a file using the following naming convention to the target S3 bucket, for the current day:


The file will be overwritten throughout the day.

The file contains the metrics for the day (Zulu time zone) thus far.

From 0:00Z to 04:30Z, both the previous day's and current day's files will be written once per hour. By 04:30Z each day, the previous day's file is final and will not be overwritten again.

Data changes throughout the day

As the day proceeds and the metric file is overwritten:

- Metrics will not be removed
- Metrics will be added
- Fields within existing metrics may change, with their IDs remaining constant


Full schema is as follows:


Calculating Metrics

For a metric to be reflected in Megaphone reporting, it must have seconds_downloaded >= 60

If you have dashboards that utilize exports and should match Megaphone reporting, you will need to add that constraint to your queries (seconds_downloaded>=60).

For any questions related to this service or to get your org setup, please reach out via Megaphone's Live Chat.

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