See below for step-by-step instructions followed by a video tutorial.

1) Start by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the podcast page.

2) Click on the Subscription Options tab.

You'll then need to find the ID for your show on each Platform that your podcast is on (iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play, and Google Podcasts) and paste it into the field available. Please read carefully as each Platform's setup is slightly different from the others (some require just an ID while others require an entire URL).


Look in the iTunes Store for your show and click on the down arrow next to "Subscribe" and then on "Copy Link." That will give you something in this format (an iTunes URL):

Copy the string between the id and ?mt=2 and paste into the iTunes box under Subscription Settings in Megaphone.

For this example, you would copy and paste the following into the Megaphone "Subscription Options"



A quick Google search for "[YOUR SHOW NAME] Stitcher" will show you the public URL for your show. You can paste the entire URL from Stitcher into the box in Megaphone (such as

The URL will automatically truncate to just the necessary show ID (your-podcast). This is the expected behavior.


Open Spotify on the Spotify desktop app and find your podcast. You can then click Share and Copy Show Link or Copy Link to Clipboard. You will need to copy the alphanumeric string from the end of the URL to paste into Megaphone.

Here's an example of a Spotify share URL:

Copy the combination after the /show/ and paste it into the Megaphone "Subscription Options" such as:


Google Play

You need to be logged into Google Play Music to search for your podcast in your browser. Navigate to your show page and take the alphanumeric string from the end of the URL.

Here's an example of a Google Play Music URL:

For this example, paste what comes after the /ps/ into Megaphone, such as the following:


Note: Google Play Music does require you to be signed into your Google account to be able to access the Podcast pages.

Google Podcasts (Not the same thing as Google Play).

Visit this page and add your RSS feed into the "Generate a direct link to your podcast" box and push "Generate." If your podcast is in the Google library, you will receive a green "Podcast retrieved" message and a shareable URL:

Copy the portion that comes after feed= and enter it into the Megaphone subscription options. In the example above, enter:


Test to Make Sure Your Subscription Options Work

You can always test to make sure you have the correct show ID by opening up the Embeddable Player modal in Megaphone, clicking Subscribe, and clicking on the Platform images to make sure listeners will be taken to your show.

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