The Network Dashboard is the first page you see when you're logged into Megaphone. It's designed to give you immediate access to important information about your Network - stats like Total Annual Downloads to date and Monthly Downloads, along with the percentage change from the previous month.

The Top Bar

Yearly Downloads
A simple report that shows the total number of downloads across your network year-to-date along with the number of total podcasts in your network.

Monthly Downloads
A report that shows the number of total downloads across all shows in this calendar month. A percentage indicator shows how this calendar month compares to the immediate previous month through today's date. For example, on February 10th the percentage change will compare to metrics collected January 1st through 10th.

Live Orders
Displays the number of Orders in your Network that are currently inserting into episodes/podcasts.

Latest Published
Shows the most recently published episode in your Network along with the user that published it.

Live Downloads Map

The Live Downloads map shows you where in the world people are downloading your podcast right now. The map will auto-refresh every 15 seconds.

Podcast Performance

This report shows downloads by podcast for your top 5 podcasts on a rolling 30-day basis. The percentage change column shows how the individual podcast has performed over the past 30 days compared to the comparable period immediately before that.

Episode Performance

This report displays the top 5 episodes out of all episodes published in the last 30 days.

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