The Episode Dashboard is found by clicking on any published episode under a given show in the Podcasts section of the left-hand navigation. Existing episodes can be edited by using the "Edit Episode" button in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

The Play Button

The "Play" button in the top left lets you listen to your published episode.

Pressing the "Play" button will drop down a mini-player where you have listening controls for your episode. You can pause, play, and skip around on the episode.

Performance Report

The Performance report that will show downloads for the episode for the first 30 days from when the episode was first published. For more extensive reporting, visit the Reports tab. 

Listening Metrics

Listening Metrics are gathered from the Megaphone Embeddable Player and will display in a chart like the one below as long as at least 30 people have listened using the Player. 

For the Listening Metrics you have another Play button you can use to listen to the episode. In this graph the places where ads are inserted into the episode are highlighted.

Episode Dashboard Sidebar

The Episode Dashboard sidebar shows you:

  • Podcast Artwork
  • Number of Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, and Post-Roll Ad Locations marked
  • A link to the MP3 file for the episode
  • Publish Date
  • Episode Rating
  • Duration
  • Which user published the episode

You'll also see the details for any Orders that are Active and targeted at this episode.

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