You can create multiple versions of the RSS feed that Megaphone produces for your podcast. The duplicate feeds you create can be configured to include or exclude advertisements. Typically this is used for licensing agreements or if you need to generate separate feeds for different distributors (such as an ad-free feed specifically for Patreon subscribers).

Note: this feature is only available to Organization Admins and Ad Ops Managers, who may toggle this feature on and off per podcast.

Enabling Multiple Feeds in Megaphone

To enable the "Multiple Feeds" setting, start by navigating to Podcast Settings as shown below.

The "Multiple Feeds" option is found on the "Megaphone Settings" tab.

Once you've enabled Multiple Feeds, click on the "Feeds" button to manage your feeds for this podcast.

Generating Duplicate Feeds

You can use this interface to generate duplicate RSS feeds for the podcast. All feeds generated in the "Feeds" tab will include all advertisements targeted specifically at the new feed, and all feeds generated in the "Ad-Free Feeds" tab will exclude advertisements.

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