Creating Holds

Holds are an easy way to reserve inventory on certain episodes.

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1) Find an open spot in the Inventory view

2) Click "Hold" button on any open position

That will open up a "Hold Inventory" modal you can use to create a Hold.

3) Add in any necessary details

You can assign the Hold to an Advertiser you already have in Megaphone. You can press "-" to change the Expiration to "NONE" so that the Hold stays permanently or you can choose to keep the Hold for a set number of days.

You can also add any other relevant information in the "Notes" field.

4) Press "Place Hold" and view Hold on Inventory

Here's how the Hold appears on the Inventory view after you've created it.

5) View "Details" of your Hold

After a Hold is created you can view the details, including the user that created the Hold and when they created it.

You can also press "RELEASE HOLD" to remove any Holds you don't need/want anymore.

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